RealCast PTV - Superior WiFi Display

RealCast PTV - Superior WiFi Display for entertainment, for business presentation, for meeting...Best Mirroring/pushing performance over all. Simple to use and no software needed for Miracast, AirPlay and DLNA. Easy to be customized.

WiDi adapter best mirroring performance

Best Mirroring/Pushing Performance

Best screen mirroring/pushing performance up to 1080P full HD, smooth, lowest latency and no break.
WiDi receiver support Miracast, AirPlay, DLNA, MirrorOP, AirParrot

Most Protocols Support

Native support for Miracast, AirPlay, WiDi, DLNA, MirrorOP, AirParrot.
Simple to use WiDi Adapter

Simplest Operation

All working modes all in one screen, no software to install, no button to switch between working modes.
WiDi Receiver dualband for best performance

Stablest Mirroring

2.4G+5G dualband 300Mbps for stable screen mirroring/pushing.

RealCast - Advanced WiFi Display

Multipurpose, Simple to Use, Perfect Mirroring/Pushing Performance...

AirPlay adapter supports 1080P

Support 1080P Mirroring

Perfect suppport for 1080P screen mirroring.
AirPlay adapter Simple to operate

Simple to Operate

No additional software/APP instalation, simple to use...
AirPlay receiver with Miracast and DLNA

Support Multiple WiFi Display Standards

Native support Android Miracast, iOS AirPlay, DLNA.
AirPlay receiver cheap

Cost-effective and Customization

Affordable but something great, easy to customize for OEM